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Texas Holdem General Poker Tips

Learn To Master Your Poker Skills

Number 1:

Learn to play one game well at first. Often times, people switch between all sorts of poker games and don't get well adjusted to the strategy for any one game. Learn to master each game at a time.

Number 2:

Set aside a decent amount of time for each poker session. If you are rushing to get as much poker into thirty minutes as possible, chances are you will play too many hands and will end up losing. Allow yourself some time, so you can sit back, relax, and play well.

Number 3:

Don't expect to win every time. You are going to lose at some sessions of poker, that's inevitable. Most people lose at poker in the long run as well. Just focus on playing your best, so maybe you will be fortunate enough to be a long-term winner.

Number 4:

Keep a separate online bankroll. This will allow you to monitor how well you are doing over time. Keep records of how well you are doing at each limit you play, so you can figure out which games you do well at and which you need to improve upon.

Number 5:

Work your way up the limits. Even if you have a lot of money, you should consider playing the lower limits first just because the competition is easier there.

Number 6:

Learn to separate your play between good and bad players. Against bad players, you should just play a very basic, abc style. Simply have better odds than them with the hands you play and you will win in the long run. Against good players you will need to use more deceptive practices like bluffing, slowplaying, and changing pace.

Number 7:

In general, the opposite type of style will do well in a game. In other words, if it's a loose game, you should tend to play tight. If it's a very tight game, loosen up and steal some pots.

Number 8:

Only start playing two tables when you consistently are beating a given limit. Almost all players will not play quite as well if they are not focusing it all on one game. If you are dominating a certain limit, then you probably can make more money by playing another game at the same time. However, if you are a break even, losing, or slightly winning player, just play one game at a time.


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